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Right in there: black power in Berlin

By Marianne Bunyan

The early 1970s brought a fresh feeling of freedom to Berlin. Somehow it was a city that simply made you feel cool. It was quite a feeling: you felt as though you could do anything you like, despite living in an 'island' of Western culture within the Eastern Bloc.

I had just turned 20, and my boyfriend Joachim and I had just discovered "negro music", as our grandparents called it. We had got to know each other through the music and almost every night we found that we had to run to the disco, not just on those feverish Saturday nights!

It was our thing: we were "living crazy, that's the only way" as Michael Jackson says in "Off the Wall". We were dancing to the craziest rhythms and would learn all the newest steps, feeling high on Cloud Nine the whole night. We had searched and found each other.

After a while, the parties and our friends seemed more and more lame. These fantastic clouds of pot smoke and joss sticks made everyone lethargic. Besides which, the psychedelic bubbles on the wall and the whining of the underground were things that could take you on a trip when you're high but you can't bear when you're sober. One night, a bored Joachim had this cool idea to check out a different kind of club that he had heard so much about.

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