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By Marianne Bunyan

Apart from the other discos of that time where dancing was a rather prudish thing, you could concentrate on getting to know each other here. The disco became a mating ground, where the simple offer was an obligation. Usually in other discos, the guys would go around to inspect the girls, glass and cigarette in hand, the girls inspecting them strolling past. Hours passed and nobody dared to step forward. On the dancefloor a few folks were swinging, but it was all stiff and boring. Some didn't even get their asses on the dancefloor, so why go there?

Not here at the IT! Here, everything was turned upside down. Here you met folks, had fun and were among buddies. Everything was relaxed and finding a partner was a secondary thing. There were just a few Women anyway. Dancing was a way to express yourself here and in the Berlin of the 70s, the black community kept itself to itself. Anyway, dancing was a natural thing here. Nothing seemed artificial, even though a constant battle or contest for being the hottest dancer was going on. Good performances would usually be rewarded with shouts and whistles by the community. And when a move was really cool, the crowd would make you go further and you wouldn't need any weed to feel high.

Joachim knew the classic James Brown style of dancing and it always made the crowd go crazy. It was a lot of fun. Dancing was all about feeling, all about letting go. We stuck to that club for eight years and especially enjoyed these awesome spareribs that would be served in a small room on the left of the floor. They just gave the right kick to groove on for the whole night. Red hot, but way cool, jerky-style!

Here you could dance without inhibition. You gave everything and only when you gave it your all did the rest of the crowd applaud. When they could see the joy in your eyes and the sweat running down your face, then you were good, and eveyone could see it.

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