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The end of the scene

By Marianne Bunyan

With the movies came the excesses of the drugs scene. The toilet at the IT became its focal point and soon everything happened there, rather than on the dancefloor.There were fights every now and then and police raids started to happen with increasing regularity. The Military Police were feared, because they sure weren't nice. We were warned and stayed away. Luckily we were never involved in a raid.

After the raids, everybody started to use other clubs like the Sting Ray, the Silver Wings or later on, a club at the Motzstrasse. I can't even remember the name of the club now. Slowly all of our friends disappeared, and finally one day all the familiar faces were gone.

By this point in time it wasn't necessary to go to just one place to hear black music. By the late 1970s the black community had become widely accepted, and was starting to integrate with the rest of Berlin. Black clubbers moved on to various other clubs including La Belle, which was bombed later on.

Over the eight years that we spent at the IT, we heard some great music, met some fascinating characters and made a great many friends. Since that time it's been good to see that the black community in Berlin has been gradually accepted by whites in the same way that we had been accepted during our early years at the IT.

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