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Anpu Ankhamen from Saint Louis, Missouri


NOW ... after all the trials & tribulations heretoforementioned I find that we are in the midst of a new blaxploitation movie explosion as paraphrased from a a few black publications as 'Essence', the Afro-American newspaper, 'Vibe' magazine, 'Source' magazine, etc.

But this 'NEW JACK THANG' is different from its predecessor in that the former was a product of the revolutionary Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s & the latter is fuelled by the Hip-Hop/Rap Music movement.

I believe movie history will reflect that this NEW JACK THANG was reborn with the release of 'I'm Gonna Get You Sucka' recorded by Movielist Year with a release of 1988. It was the only big screen black movie of the year.

I was there & I saw that 'I'm Gonna Get You Sucka' was a huge, humorous success in the black community since it was a light-hearted farce of the heretoforesaid Blaxploitation Movie Era. The marvelous thing about this film is that it got everybody to wondering, " Hey! Hey! Hey-Hey!!! What happened to all our beloved black superheroes? What happened to Black Hollywood?

So, black movies began to slowly trickle back with the 'Return of Superfly' which was so-so but it still aroused interest. Allow me to digress a minute: Between 1977 & the release of Superfly-Part III (HELLO? AM I GOING TOO FAST FOR YOU ... THERE WAS THE ORIGINAL SUPERFLY ... SO THE NEXT SUPERFLY MOVIE WAS PART II {which was?} ... THEN THE 'RETURN' IS PART III) there was not much happening except the rise of hip-hop & rap music. Please do not look at the Movielist & say the Penitentiary movie series was happening because it was not. In addition to the negative, subliminal message it implanted on blacks' subconscious mind most people thought it was fake. In my opinion, these were movies that the bourgeoisie, Uncle Tom Negroes should have protested about if for no other reason that the subliminal impact it had on the black consciousness by implying that if you mess with 'Massa' then this is where all you slick niggas is going to go.

Then comes the Hip-Hop/Rap music scene that raises a new, different type of militancy as shown in 'New Jack City' with their new jack thang, Boys in the Hood, Dead Presidents, Set It Off, Friday, Poetic Justice, Juice, & a host of others. Was not Christopher Walden, blue-eyed soul brother #1, the S.H.I.T. in the King of New York? (KNY -blaxploitation or not?)

Damn, How I love the youngsters' militancy!

Anyway ... in this NEW JACK THANG Hip-Hop/Rap artists are the jaggernauts in this revival crossing-over their music, clothing, attitudes, & mores onto the big screen; thereby, giving niggas another chance to see themselves on the big screen. Big respect goes to Master P & that Dirty South mob with his underground film releases that all the Uncle Toms are screaming bloody murder about. Master P distributes his movies without the assistance of conservatives but through the grass-roots & underworld.

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© Copyright 1999
Anpu Ankhamen from Saint Louis, Missouri

We would like to thank Anpu and the Mothership
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