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Here at we receive regular requests from people who would like to buy original soundtracks on vinyl LP. We've been collecting for many years so it's possible that you may not be able to find some of the albums on our list without a lot of effort. At the moment many of these LPs are expensive and much sought-after. Our advice: keep digging in the crates! We've found some of our best LPs in the most unlikely places for very reasonable prices. Don't pass a record store or flea market, no matter where in the world it may be, without checking out their soundtracks. For those of you who prefer to buy over the Net, here are some good places to start looking for vinyl LPs:

'Dusty Groove' Website
The original rare grooves site on the Internet: check out their soundtracks section. They also sell videos and posters.

'Recycled Music' Website
Jim Eukey at Recycled Music has a good selection of soundtracks.

'Saturn Records' Website
Saturn Records has a comprehensive list of soundtracks covering many genres.

'Intoxica!' Website
If you're looking for a particularly rare soundtrack, Intoxica may be able to help.

Don't forget to try the large web-based CD stores to pick up the latest CD reissues.
Please inform us if you know of another source.

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