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Classic Blaxploitation Soundtracks On CD

These are the genre-defining classic albums of the blaxploitation era. We've picked the very best albums currently available on CD for you to enjoy. You should own every one of these as they're totally essential! Click on the links to read more about or buy the item.

This list was last updated on 18 Dec 2005.

Across 110th Street J.J. Johnson, United Artists, 1972
Bobby Womack, JJ Johnson - need we say more? Completely essential. Includes the superb main theme and the wicked funk instrumental 'Harlem Clavinette'. read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Black Caesar James Brown, Polydor, 1973
Classic James Brown soundtrack with the massive 'Mama Feelgood'. Essential party dancefloor action! read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Blacula Gene Page, RCA, 1972
Gene Page's fat beats all over this album. Superb monster funk with huge drums, big bass and fat drums. read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Carwash Norman Whitfield, MCA, 1976
Sure, the main theme may be a wedding disco staple, but miss this album and you're missing a trick. Plenty of killer funk hidden away on here! read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Cleopatra Jones J.J. Johnson, Warner Brothers, 1973
The late, great JJ Johnson's most well-known funk soundtrack on CD at last. Classic. read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Coffy Roy Ayers, Polydor, 1973
Roy Ayers' killer soundtrack was only issued on a promotional LP so you need this CD! Absolutely essential funk for the bedroom ('Brawling Broads'), the dancefloor ('Coffy Is The Color') and the sampler (everything!) read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Foxy Brown Wille Hutch, Motown, 1974
Probably Willie Hutch's best soundtrack - as tight as it comes. Very dope grooves and beats. read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Hell Up In Harlem Edwin Starr, Motown, 1973
Originally scheduled for a James Brown soundtrack, the Mizell brothers took over and Edwin Starr performed the vocal cuts. Includes the breakbeat essential 'Easin' In' with its amazing opening break. read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Mack, The Wille Hutch, Motown, 1973
Willie Hutch on top form. Dope guitar and drums. read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Shaft Isaac Hayes, Enterprise, 1970
The one that started it all. Essential. read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Shaft In Africa Johnny Pate, ABC, 1973
Johnny Pate's awesome and awe-inspiring funk soundtrack to the final (and least interesting) movie in the Shaft series. This is intense, powerful, exuberant dancefloor funk in true old school style. Our Number 1 funk soundtrack. read review...
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Slaughter's Big Rip-Off James Brown, Polydor, 1973
The second classic James Brown soundtrack, although really a Fred Wesley album. Features the huge dancefloor mover 'People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul'. read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Superfly Curtis Mayfield, Curtom, 1972
Mayfield's best album. Produced by Johnny Pate. Perfect. read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
They Call Me Mister Tibbs Quincy Jones, United Artists, 1970
Quincy Jones' best-known soundtrack with its superb opening theme. Big on the floor! Nice beats on Fat Poppadaddy too. read review...
[Click here to buy CD]
Trouble Man Marvin Gaye, Tamla, 1972
Marvin Gaye's most jazz-influenced album is as moving as it is funky. A beautiful album, packed with breaks and beats. read review...
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