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Shaft In Africa
USA 1973
Shaft Productions / MGM, directed by John Guillermin

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Richard Roundtree;  Vonetta McGee;  Neda Arneric;  Frank Finlay;  Debebe Eshetu;  Spiros Focas;  Jacques Herlin;  Jho Jhenkins;  Willie Jonah;  Adolfo Lastretti;  Marne Maitland;  Frank McRae;  Zenebach Tadesse;  A.V. Falana;  James E. Myers;  Nadim Sawalha;  Thomas Baptiste;  Jon Chevron;  Glynn Edwards;  Cy Grant;  Jacques Marin;  Nick Zaran;  Aldo Sambreill; 

Short Summary:
Aleme's Father 'hires' Shaft to uncover a massive slavering, directed from france and sets out to Africa, but the baad guys got spies, of coures try to kill him. Aleme has fallen in love with Shaft and follows him to Africa, where he gets useful informations on the men in the back. In France he finds and destroys the secret hideout to free his brothers and win Aleme!

Movie summary written by Whytie

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Shaft gets tested to find out whether he's ready for the desert or not. Aleme meets John Shaft. They are getting closer, but watched by Nanny. Shaft is on an undercover mission to Africa. Kopo is his private brother in arms. Shaft finds time to take some pictures of ants. Aleme finds 'Shaft in Africa'. That's why she's so happy here. Aleme tells him she will break with tradition ;) Shaft and The Man in Paris (That's in France, Europe). Shaft undercover in Paris. Shaft discovers their secret hideout, ready to free his brothers. Aleme discovers writings from her brothers on the prisons walls.