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Black Caesar
USA 1973
American International Pictures, directed by Larry Cohen & Unknown Director

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Fred Williamson;  Phillip Roye;  Gloria Hendry;  Art Lund;  William Wellman, Jr.;  Julius W. Harris;  Val Avery;  Minnie Gentry;  D'Urville Martin;  James Dixon;  Myrna Hansen;  Don Pedro Colley;  Patrick McAllister;  Cecil Alonzo;  Allen Balley;  Omer Jeffrey;  Michael Jeffrey;  Francisco De Garcia;  Larry Lurin; 

Short Summary:
One of the best black action films in terms of plot and performance. Fred Williamson is excellent in the role of Tommy Gibbs, a part originally written for Sammy Davis Jnr. A box office hit and critically well received, Black Caesar features a great James Brown soundtrack too. Black Caesar charts the rise of ambitious black mobster Gibbs who intends to "?break in to the business at the top." The young Gibbs is scarred by a corrupt white cop. Years later he takes out a gangster in broad daylight before going to meet the boss of the Mob and demands recognition. He becomes a Mob hitman in return for his own 'patch'. Having appropriated the Mob's rent books and appointed the services of their top lawyer, he shows his power by throwing the attorney and his wife out of their high-rise apartment and keeps it for himself. Gibbs eventually takes over from the white Mafia boss Sal Cardoza but discovers a Mafia faction fighting his control so he assassinates the Cordoza brothers in a poolside massacre. While Gibbs becomes increasingly caught up in his work his girlfriend marries his best friend. Gibbs now attempts to control the ghettos of all the big cities, without realising that the same cop, John McKinney, who injured him as a boy is now on his trail. McKinney finds the rent books through Gibb's ex-girlfriend and then has him shot in the street. The attorney and Gibb's best friend are killed by McKinney who is eventually killed by a dying Gibbs in the final confrontation.

Movie summary written by Whytie

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Harlem, New York. Tommy (Fred Williamson) wants to take over in Harlem But that doesn?t stop him having a little party now and again Tommy offers them something they just can't refuse Wiping out da Mob Helen (Gloria Hendry) while performing like Lynn Collins? Helen can't stand the violence any more... After leaving him, she suddenly comes back... cheat on him? ?trick him into an ambush and getting wounded? ?meeting old 'friends'? How is it going to end?