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Friday Foster
USA 1975
American International Pictures, directed by Arthur Marks & Unknown Director

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Thalmus Rasulala;  Pam Grier;  Scatman Crothers;  Eartha Kitt;  Yaphet Kotto; 

Short Summary:
Based on the popular Chicago Tribune / New York News syndicated cartoon strip, Friday Foster marked a change of role for Pam Grier, and the end of her five-year relationship with American International Pictures. A photographer for Glance magazine, Foster witnesses an assassination attempt at New York airport while covering the arrival of black businessman Blake Tarr (Rasulala). At the following day's fashion show hosted by Madame Rena (Kitt) she recognises one of the potential assassins. She tells her private detective boyfriend (Kotto). Her dying model friend tells her the codewords "Black Widow" when they go backstage. Friday realises this must be connected with the assassination as her friend's boyfriend was involved in the airport shootout. From the police Foster links her friend to Senator David Hart. After a failed murder attempt on Foster, she meets Hart at a religious meeting held by Noble Franklin (Crothers). She learns that Tarr is also seeking "Black Widow". At Franklin's peace conference between major black leaders. Finally, they round up white bigot Enos Griffith and his racist lackeys with police assistance.

Movie summary written by Whytie

Screenshots from the movie. Click on any image to see a bigger colour version.

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Friday Foster from 'Glance' Magazine witnessing an assassination. Her greatest admirer gettin' fresh for her? Madame Rena (Eartha Kitt) at one of her famous fashion shows. Friday's best friend gets killed under mysterious circumstances? After an attempt to kill her too, Friday wants to go it alone. In Washington Friday meets Ford Mallotte. Is he the mysterious Black Widow? Next suspect: Senator Hart. Is he the Black Widow? Friday checks him out. Madame Rena is dead. Colt chases her Killer. Even Blake Tarr (Thalmus Rasulala) could be the Black Widow. Friday checking again. Friday enjoys being with Blake Tarr for a while. Yaphet Kotto is Colt Hawkins. Pam Grier is Friday Foster.