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Black Belt Jones
USA 1974
Warner Brothers, directed by Robert Clouse & Unknown Director

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Jim Kelly;  Gloria Hendry;  Scatman Crothers; 

Short Summary:
Watts gambling and dealing tycoon Pinky attempts to cheat the Mob. After Mafia boss Don Steffano steps in, Pinky ends up having to try to force Pop Byrd to sell his local karate school to repay his debt so that the Mob can move into the area. Pop won't sell, so Pinky moves in with his heavies, only for the karate school to step in. Federal agent Black Belt Jones gets involved as his boss in investigating the Mob's activities. Pop is accidentally killed by Pinky's henchmen during a bout of gambling and Jones meets Pop's long-lost daughter at the funeral. She proves to be a karate expert and together they hatch a plot to free her father's star pupil Quincy who has been kidnapped by Pinky's men. Using a team of female agents they storm the Mafia's headquarters and steal the cash to ransom Quincy. Jones and Pop's daughter finally defeat the Mob in a classic kung fu encounter at a carwash!

Movie summary written by The Man

Screenshots from the movie. Click on any image to see a bigger colour version.

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Black Belt Jones! A day in the office Pinky's pool room Pinky meets the Mob Pop Byrd's karate school Meet Sidney Byrd Black Belt Jones trains his crack team! Storming the Mafia HQ Will they live happily ever after? Not this time... cut to the chase! Losing it at the car wash... Car wash climax