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USA 1975
American International Pictures, directed by Arthur Marks & Unknown Director

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Fred Williamson;  Pam Grier;  Thalmus Rasulala; 

Short Summary:
Duke Johnson returns to the Southern city of Buchanan (Bucktown), a place of brothels, bars and gambling dens, to bury his brother Ben. Ben owned a bar called Club Alabam and was killed by the local police for failing to pay protection. Johnson doesn't stand for any protection rackets and reopens the bar with his late brother's girlfriend Aretha and bartender Harley, asking his old friend Roy to bring some brothers to lend a hand. Between Roy and Johnson they start to take over the town, organising their own rackets. Roy's heavies take a dislike to Johnson and beat up Harley, threatening to burn Club Alabam in the process. Johnson busts Harley out of the county jail with a borrowed tank before slugging it out with Roy in a battle to determine who stays in Bucktown.

Movie summary written by The Man

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Say your prayers - Duke Johnson's coming! Bucktown's a tough place to be... Duke Johnson Roy hits town... ...with a couple of friends Roy checks out Club Alabam... ...and meets Aretha ...but his men want to burn the bar ..and the police want a piece of the action Police check out Duke's pad Duke borrows some hardware to bust Harley out... ...and takes on Roy in a final decider