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Detroit 9000
USA 1973
General, directed by Arthur Marks & Unknown Director

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Alex Rocco;  Hari Rhodes;  Vonetta McGee;  Scatman Crothers; 

Short Summary:
$400,000 dollars in donations and jewellery is stolen by a masked gang from a fundraising dinner in honor of black congressman Aubrey Clayton. The case is given to veteran detective Danny Bassett, a complex character who has to support his mentally-ill wife. He is partnered with up-and-coming black detective Jesse Williams, a move that provokes Bassett's resentment as he wants to take the credit for solving the case himself. Williams makes the initial investigation lead to an old acquintance, call girl Roby Harris, who provides crucial information about a homicide victim and a related operation for handling stolen goods. Roby is also in touch with pimp Ferdy, who she alerts that the police are on to him; this leads to her murder as his henchmen catch up with her. Williams arrives too late to prevent the fatal shots but Rody confesses while dying that she provided the vital information for the intial robbery after hearing about the fundraising dinner while turning a trick with Clayton. Bassett discovers that the fence for the goods is holed up in a cruise ship and substitutes himself for the gang member who was supposed to be taking the jewellery to the ship...

Movie summary written by The Man

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The 'Honor Our Heroes' fundraising dinner begins ...only to be disrupted by a masked gang out to steal the cash 'Buzz The Fuzz' - there's uproar from the black community Bassett and Williams get on the case Bassett is a troubled man... his wife is in an asylum Shake what you brought with you! Motor City boat chase Ferdy Rody reveals her last secret... Motor City chase II Police shoot big Bassett meets the fence