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Sweet Sweetback's Baadassss Song
USA 1971
Cinemation, directed by Melvin Van Peebles & Unknown Director

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Melvin Van Peebles;  Simon Chuchster;  Hubert Scales;  John Dullaghan;  Rhetta Hughes;  Bruce Adams;  Michael Agustus;  John Allen;  Johnny Amp;  Mike Angel;  Vincent Barbi;  Steve Cole;  the Copeland Family;  Jerry Days;  Sonya Duncan;  Maria Evonee;  Nick Ferrari;  Norman Fields;  Jeff Goodman;  Ted Hayden;  Jon Jacobs;  Bill Kirschner;  Curt Matson;  Chet Norris;  Ron Prince;  Lavelle Roby;  Ed Rue;  John Peter Russell;  Jo Tornatore;  Mario Van Peebles;  Megan Van Peebles;  Joni Watkins; 

Short Summary:
Sweet Sweetback is the movie that started it all. Produced, directed, written and scored by Melvin Van Peebles, this film (for all its many flaws) remains a classic of black cinema.

Sweet Sweetback is brought up in a brothel and soon earns his 'sweetback' title. Cut to his adulthood, where he is a pimp in California. One day he agrees to go downtown with two white cops for questioning, to make them look 'on the case' with their superiors. On the way to the station they assault a brother by blowing his eardrums out. This provokes Sweetback into killing both of the cops. He has to go on the run, meeting up with ex-lovers and fellow brothers who help where they can. The police catch up with him just as he arrives at the Mexican border...

Movie summary written by The Man

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The opening sequence Sweet Sweetback Sweetback meets his poppa The police need results She's about to find out why they call him Sweetback... 'You bled my momma. You bled my poppa. But you won't bleed me!' Sweetback escapes! The biker chick finds out why they call him Sweetback... They bled his poppa... Brother on the run... Just helping out a brother The uncompromising end title card