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Contact us!'s Soundtrack Samples

You asked for it, so here they are! We'll be providing an occasional series of ten one-minute samples of the very best in funk soundtracks. Rare or easy-to-find, if it's good it merits a place amongst our MP3s.

Feb 2000: Hard funk classics
February 2000's selection features some of the best hard funk cuts from soundtracks such as Shaft In Africa, Chastity, On Any Sunday and many more. Fast, furious and funky!

May 2000: Rare soundtrack choice cuts
May 2000's selection includes a mix of genres from some of the rarest soundtrack albums in the funk and groovy genres. Featured albums include Bare Knuckles, the two Deep Throat LPs, Willie Dynamite and Solomon King.

August 2000: The crazy world of Italian soundtracks
August 2000's selection features some of the best in Italian funky and groovy soundtracks. Rather than concentrate on material you can pick up on reissue LP, we've chosen a bunch of rare original LP-only numbers from the likes of Yuppi Du, Controrapina, Afyon Oppio and Chi Sei.

October 2000: Disco-funk dancefloor delicacies
October 2000's selection features a selection of great dancefloor tracks with a disco element to the funk. We've also chosen to concentrate on the bargain bin, pulling out a series of guaranteed dancefloor fillers from the late 70s and early 80s that won't break the bank.

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