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Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3, The David Shire Retrograde FSM-DS-123, 1974
Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3, The album cover

This is a fine example of an excellent score to a well-respected film never seeing a contemporary soundtrack release. David Shire produced a superbly tense and dramatic score to accompany the gripping Walter Matthau film dating from 1974. Lukas Kendall of Film Score Monthly has put together an excellent package for this album, the first official release of the soundtrack. The material is taken from tapes kept by David Shire rather than the original masters. In certain tracks the quality is noticeably reduced, and in some places mono rather than stereo. In fact, this simply adds to the atmosphere rather than detracting from it. The music is composed using the twelve-tone system (see the excellent booklet for details) and is unsettling listening. An interesting choice of instrumentation adds to a 'big city' feel, underpinned by strong funk bass and drums. It's a great funk soundtrack coupled with a great booklet with a plot synopsis and discussion about the score. Unreservedly recommended.

Overall Rating: 5

reissue: Retrograde
CD: FSM-DS-123


Track listing:

Main Title | The Taking | Blue | More Taking | Dolowitz Takes a Look | Dolowitz Killed | Blue Green Talk | Money Montage I | Money Montage II | Fifty Seconds | The Money Express | Conductor Killed | The Money Bag | The Pelham's-Moving-Again Blues | I'm a Police Officer | Renewing Disguises | Goodbye Green, Hello Garber, Goodbye Hippie | Smoking More, Enjoying It Less | Mini-Manhunt | End Title |


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