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Dune David Matthews CTI 7 5005, 1977
Dune album cover

Stop right there. No, it's not the soundtrack to the movie Dune (that was was a snoozer by AOR favorites Toto). This one sneaks on to our list courtesy of the B-side, comprising disco-style covers of parts of John Williams' Star Wars suite. So what else is on the album? Is it funky? You're damn right it is. Any self-respecting jazz funk fan would start to quiver when faced with the session musician lineup on this concept LP - Andy Newmark and Steve Gadd on drums, Randy Brecker and Jon Faddis in the horns, Grover Washington and David Sanborn (well, OK...) on sax. This obscure CTI album is the source of the killer sample cut 'Sandworms', as used on several major-league hip-hop tracks. Forget the rest of the (mainly disco-esque) cuts and head for Sandworms. It's funkier than a mosquito's tweeter (as Nina Simone once sang) and will blow the roof off your bass bins!

Overall Rating: 4

Track listing:

Dune Part I: Arrakis | Dune Part II: Sandworms | Dune Part III: Song Of The Bene Gesserit | Dune Part IV: Muad'Dib | Space Oddity | Silent Running | Princess Leia's Theme | Main Theme From Star Wars |


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