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Stone Billy Green Warner Brothers 600,002, 1973
Stone album cover

In our never-ending quest to bring you the craziest, funkiest beats, we scour the whole of the planet. On our travels we often take a risk on an LP that just looks 'right' somehow. Sometimes the cover gives you a clue, sometimes the track listing helps, sometimes there's a groovy gatefold, or other times you read the instrumentation lineup and something clicks. Well, we picked this one up purely because we'd never heard of it, it was only issued in Australia and it came from an Australian biker movie. And it's utterly bizarre (in the same vein as grooxy Oz score The Removalists) but compulsive listening. Harp, Moog and didgeridoo with a small prog-funk-rock band? It shouldn't work but it does! Check out the fantastic track 'Race'. This LP will mess with your head...

Overall Rating: 4

Track listing:

Cosmic Flash | Septic | Undertaker | Race | Amanda | Klaud Kool And The Kats | Toadstrip | Grave Diggers | The Death Of Doctor Death | Toad | Pigs | Stone | Do Not Go Gentle |


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