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Liberation of L.B. Jones, The Elmer Bernstein Cinema Records LP-8009, 1969
Liberation of L.B. Jones, The album cover

Only released on the infamous Cinema label, Bernstein's excellent funky jazz soundtrack for obscure blaxploitation film 'The Liberation of L.B. Jones' takes up an entire side of an LP otherwise devoted to a typical genre soundtrack to Paul Newman's hit movie 'From The Terrace'. The music for LB Jones is a revelation - tight, brassy, bright and groovy, it's up there with Bullitt in feel and pace. Sometimes using organ, sometimes sax, but always groovy, this is a release not to be missed although the LP is now hard to find. The persistent rumour about this release is that the master tapes were 'borrowed' by Bernstein's tennis trainer!

Overall Rating: 4

Track listing:

Side one - From The Terrace | Side two - The Liberation of LB Jones |


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