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This is one of the only ways to find the classic Get Carter theme on LP other than the incredibly rare Japanese original full soundtrack. This compilation includes the three best tracks from the Get Carter soundtrack, and so is better than the original UK theme release on 45. Highly recommended on the basis of the Get Carter tunes alone - 'nuff said.

Overall Rating: 4

Track listing:

Get Carter Main Theme | Gettin' nowhere in a hurry (Get Carter) | Love is a 4-letter word (Get Carter) | Soldier Blue | Fields of green and skies of blue (Soldier Blue) | How wonderful life is (Soldier Blue) | Envy, greed and gluttony (Magnificent 7 deadly sins) | Lust (Magnificent 7 deadly sins) | Little boy, little girl (Flight of the doves) | Walkin' down O'Connell Street (Flight of the doves) | All you want me to be (Zeppelin) | Zeppelin main theme |


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