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Contact us!'s Soundtrack Samples October 2000

This month we're taking a look at the funkiest of the late 70s and early 80s disco-style soundtracks. While disco was usually funk's poor relation, lacking the syncopation and polyrhythmic elements of funk, some artists retained their integrity by incorporating heavy doses of the increasingly popular jazz-funk sound into their disco cuts. We receive regular requests at HQ asking for cheap recommendations, and here's our first list: this stuff is still cheap! Some of the best disco-funk tracks can be found on bargain-bin LPs, so check these out and start digging in those crates!

"Feel Fine"
Taken from:  Choirboys, The by Frank De Vol, MCA MCA-2326, 1977
Respected soundtrack composer De Vol can be surprisingly funky at times! This is a bargain-bin LP, but a funk corker, with late 70s funk cuts interspersed with organ-driven instrumentals.

Bond '77
Taken from:  Spy Who Loved Me, The by Marvin Hamlisch, United Artists UAS 30098 XOT, 1977
Show tune composer Hamlisch really turns it on for this, the funkiest version of the Bond theme ever committed to vinyl. Dancefloor dynamite and instantly recognisable. Excellent stuff!

Books And Basketball (Montage, instr.)
Taken from:  Fastbreak by Billy Preston, Motown STML 12107, 1979
Another often-overlooked bargain bin classic! David Shire gets into the groove with this great funky montage sequence. Big percussion and a full, big band sound.

Cannonball (Ray Stevens)
Taken from:  Cannonball Run, The by Al Capps, Victor VIP-28036, 1981
A real treat for rare soundtrack fans! From the original Japan-only LP (also featuring Jackie Chan's first Hollywood dialogue), the theme is a choppy guitar disco-funk gem! Guaranteed to fill the floor.

Taken from:  Apple, The by George Clinton, Cannon STEREO 1000, 1980
From a weird rock musical score, this out-and-out disco track is smooth and well-produced. A cut above the disco fare of the late 70s.

Do What You Feel (The Rimshots)
Taken from:  Patty by The Rimshots, Stang 1027, 1976
Top-drawer funky stuff from the Stang label's studio band. One of two great cuts from an obsure, but quite cheap, LP. Look for insistent strings and a melody that won't let up.

Get It Up Baby
Taken from:  Sex O'Clock USA by Mort Shuman, London LFS-9023, 1976
This obscure adult film soundtrack features a great jazz-funk number, heavy on the disco feel. A quality bassline and good jazz-funk feel make a strong dancefloor cut.

Mogul Monster
Taken from:  Winter Equinox by Dennis Dragon, Festival FR1007, 1976
In the late 70s, every Saturday morning kids' TV show had music like this. Big, bold, danceable and just a little cheesy, this is funky library music as it should be!

Taken from:  Rollercoaster by Lalo Schifrin, MCA MCA-2284, 1977
Rollercoaster is one of Schifrin's lesser-known scores, dating from a patchy part of his career. Choppy wah and flute make this track a winner.

Streak O' Lean
Taken from:  Lord Shango by Howard Roberts, Bryan BRS-104, 1975
From the obscure Bryan label, Lord Shango was a very strange voodoo/religion/blaxploitation film. The music's equally weird! This track has a similar feel to the classic Love Boat theme, and is suitably camp!

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