Coffy - USA 1973 - Introduction
 American International Pictures - directed by Jack Hill

O'Neal Ron; Sheila Frazier; Adolph Caesar; Bill Cobbs; Dorothie Fox; Alfice Brown; Percy Thomas; Ed Heath; Joe Pinckney; Tony Scott; Gorham Scott; Joseph Evans; Dana Terrell; Dee Porter; Gidget Pascal; Carla Ness; Lisa Venables; Phillip Davis; William Bailey; Ira Martin; Harry Madsen; Joe Palazno; Buddy Pulugi; Sam Katz; Rodney Lee; Norman Ross; Dwight Smith;

Short Summary:
The Hitter was a low-budget comedown for Superfly star Ron O'Neal. Based in Baltimore, his character Otis comes to the city with ideas about making his fortune by hutsling one way or another. He soon comes to the attention of local hood Louisiana Slim for his pool sharking and takes an interest in the mobster's moll, Lola. After winning at pool he meets ageing pimp Nathan who persuades him to return to bare knuckles fighting, a game he quit after killing an opponent years before. With Lola's encouragement he proves to be a success once more, but the bad guys catch up with him, start rigging the fights, and eventually Louisiana Slim shoots him at a game before killing Lola. Otis, distraught, seeks revenge...

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