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Gunther Fischer Gunther Fischer Amiga 8 56 698, 1979
Gunther Fischer album cover

One of the many positive aspects of the reintegration of Eastern Europe with the rest of Western Europe is that we find out just how much great music they've been stockpiling behind the Berlin Wall. Here's an album from the cult East German Amiga label, devoted to the saxophonist Gunther Fischer and his soundtrack work. He plays with a sextet for most of the album, and while the music's a little cheesy in a jazzy late 70s way, there are some outstanding mellow jazz-funk moments like Philly-Nova, and a great uptempo dancefloor jazz-funker in 'Grosstadt'. Not the most consistent of albums - there are some terribly cliched cues on here - it has its moments and will definitely appeal to Euro-funk soundtrack fans.

Overall Rating: 3

Track listing:

Grosstadt (from Lieberserklarung an Berlin) | Severino (from Severino) | Philly-Nova | Solo Sunny (from Solo Sunny) | Das Versteck (from Das Versteck) | Premiere | Ballade im Hinterhaus (from Gluck im Hinterhaus) | Surfing-Melodie (from Solo Sonny) | Marchen-Traume | Come Between Delights (from Solo Sonny) | Corinthstr. 44 (from P.S.) | Streets of Berlin (from Yust A Gigolo) | Berlin (from Lieberserklarung an Berlin) | Pastor Himmelsknecht (from Ein Irrer Duft von frischem Heu) | Ende der Marchen-Traume |


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