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Contact us!'s Soundtrack Samples August 2000

August's slice of soundtrack education is taken from the part of the soundtrack vault marked 'Italy'. Italian soundtracks, relatively obscure and generally pressed in small quantities, have seen a huge rise in popularity (and price) in the last five years, largely due to the crazy nature of the music. Elements of funk, pop, lounge, latin and almost any other genre you care to define can be found in an Italian score, but with an extra-weird continental twist. Rather than include cuts you can pick up on reissue elsewhere, we're featuring some of our favourite LP-only numbers. Enjoy!

Dark Suspense
Taken from:  Violence! by Franco Micalizzi, CEM CMT 1005/13, 1974
Great atmospheric funk number. It's restrained, with tasty funk drums and tasteful percussion. Pensive and moody.

Jessica's Theme
Taken from:  Chi Sei? by Franco Micalizzi, CAM SAG 9062, 1974
A rare score from Micalizzi highlights his feel for jazz-funk. This is a great mellow number with plenty of deep bass and swirling synth. Excellent material from a weird 'devil's child' B-movie.

Taken from:  Yuppi Du by Adriano Celentano, Clan (CBS-SUGAR) CLN 69120, 1975
A blatant, but very funky, rip-off of the Deodato 2001 theme. Nice horn arrangement and big drums make this track a winner.

Ping Pong Dance
Taken from:  Emanuelle Nera Orient Reportage by Nico Fidenco, Fida Record LFR 4, 1976
Another smutty number from Fidenco's Emanuelle scores. A good dancefloor groover with plenty of bass in the mix. Cheesy as hell, but who cares?

Running Away From Jerzy
Taken from:  Stridulum (The Visitor) by Franco Micalizzi, RCA BL 31433, 1979
Top-drawer flute funk from master of Italian suspense soundtracks Micalizzi. Weird analogue synth adds to the 'horror' feel of the score.

Strana Gente
Taken from:  Il Killer by Gianni Ferrio, CAM SAG 9012, 1968
A crazy little ditty that, despite your best intentions, sticks in the mind. Quirky easy listening pop from a mad soundtrack.

Svolta Definitiva
Taken from:  Citta Violenta by Ennio Morricone, RCA KOLS 1010, 1970
Morricone goes decidedly weird for the score of this Charles Bronson B-movie. Electronics, overdriven guitar, fuzz, wah, organ, and fat drums. Strangely compelling nevertheless!

Tarde En Nuit
Taken from:  Afyon Oppio by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, Diresa DLP 1039, 1973
One of two good groovy numbers on Afyon Oppio, this track is a big, brassy dancefloor number with great uptempo guitar and drums.

The Robbery
Taken from:  Controrapina by Paolo Vasile, Cinevox MDF 33.127, 1979
This track is all about suspense. It makes you feel like you're in that bank vault, just waiting to be discovered during The Robbery. Great synth.

Venice Reportage
Taken from:  Emanuelle In America by Nico Fidenco, Beat LPF 038, 1977
One of the more funky Italian Emanuelle scores, this album produces a strong orchestral porn-funk number in Venice Reportage. One for the sleazy dancefloor.

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