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Contact us!'s Soundtrack Samples May 2000

This month we're taking a look at some of the soundtracks that you only see on the walls of rare record stores once a lifetime, usually with a price tag equivalent to the US National Debt. Highly prized by DJs, funk fans and beats junkies, here are some of the reasons why these albums command such high prices. These tracks are so obscure that most have not even been bootlegged. Just remember folks - you heard them here first!

Attaque Des Robots
Taken from:  La Planete Sauvage by Alain Goraguer, EMI Pathe 2C 066-12698, 1973
Seriously hard funk from a French animated sci-fi cartoon - incredible! Flute, the dirtiest wah you'll hear this side of Paris, strong bass and percussion. Just one of many serious funk tracks on an album packed with beats and breaks.

Gonna Getcha
Taken from:  Bare Knuckles by Vic Caesar, Gucci G303, 1977
If you checked out Feb's cut from this LP, LA Montage, you'll expect another monster from the killer Bare Knuckles LP. Right again - a breakbeat, hard funk wah-driven bomb. Fast and furious!

La La La (Vocal: Laura Greene)
Taken from:  Deep Throat II by T.J. Stone, Bryan BRS-101, 1974
We could have chosen any of several great funk tracks from the second Deep Throat LP, but picked this superb funky lounge cut instead. Quirky, mellow and suitably erotic, it's a guaranteed dancefloor groover.

Last Trip Of The Truck
Taken from:  They Came To Rob Las Vegas by Georges Garvarentz, Philips SBL 7898, 1969
George Garvarentz's (and one of the 1960s) finest soundtracks, this gem was issued in the UK only. A sublime blend of jazz, pop, easy and funk influences, this track builds from an urgent drum and bass pattern into a full orchestral groover. Very cool.

No track listing - Side 1
Taken from:  Deep Throat by Various, DT Music Productions n/a, 1974
A cut from the original premiere-only soundtrack LP, rare and funky as hell. This vocal track begins with a laid back country-funk riff and builds into an organ-driven bomb. Look out for a cheaper 80s bootleg of the LP.

Taken from:  Brother On The Run by Johnny Pate, Perception PLP 45, 1973
Johnny Pate's second classic album, the rare Brother On The Run, features a smaller group than Shaft In Africa but it's just as funky, as this wah and horns track demonstrates. Great stuff if you can find itů

Taken from:  Last Porno Flick, The by Tony Bruno, Bryan BRS-103, 1974
Tight funk keyboards and groovy guitar are held together by fatback drums in this strong Tony Bruno number. Listen out for the breaks!

Sour Soul
Taken from:  Flasher, The by Pool-pah, Greene Bottle GBS 1008, 1973
Wicked wah wah funk. Killer beats, analogue synth, persistent horns, and a top-drawer riff. Great funk from a very obscure LP.

Theme From Solomon King
Taken from:  Solomon King by J. Steiger, Sal-Wa SAS 1001, 1974
From a soundtrack issued for the film's premiere, this title cut borrows elements from Shaft and expands through use of synth drums, stabbing horns and insistent 16s on the hihats. A 15-minute bomb!

Willie Chase (instr.)
Taken from:  Willie Dynamite by J.J. Johnson, MCA 393, 1974
J J Johnson's best soundtrack, and the most rare. This cut opens with a superb breakbeat, big percussion, then the bass kicks in and the horns build for a classic chase theme cut.

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