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Anpu Ankhamen from Saint Louis, Missouri

Part Two of Part VII: The Conclusion

Also deserving honorable mentions as being members of the heretoforementioned next phase of the Blaxploition Movie Movement in the catagory of the urbane, city-slick, black sidekick co-star are '48 Hours', 'Another 48 Hours', 'The Fifth Element', 'Rush Hour', 'Independence Day', 'Men In Black', 'The Shawshank Redemption'; but, are we to classify 'Predator II', 'The Devil In A Blue Dress', or 'Seven' starring Morgan Freeman as blaxploitation movies?

This is another facet of the same diamond ... clearly illustrating the complextiy & depth of the black diaspora.

Most conclusions of a study close by drawing conclusions, however, since I am from somewhere different I prefer to do something different by not drawing conclusions in my conclusion but leave the study open-ended because, I believe, the jury is still out as demonstrated by the last set of movies I listed above which illustrate the continuing evolution of this genre.

However, I would like to offer an easy trivia quizz on the blaxploitation genre:

I. What movie is commonly credited as starting the blaxploitation genre?

II. What was the first movie to show a black man killing a white man?

III. What blaxploitation movie did Thalmus Rasalala star?

IV. Who coined the word blaxploitation?

V. What does blaxploitation mean?

Is it a real word?

VII. The two locales most blaxploitation movies had as a backdrop were?

VIII. How many blaxploitation movie soundtracks won an Oscar award?

IX. Name the movie(s) & their soundtrack (s).

X. The Blaxploitation Movie era is generally recognized as happening between what years?

Thank you everyone far & wide for your attentions. Now, as an aid to, if enough 'hits' are recorded I may return for an encore performance with a bedtime story I wrote called, "The Adventures of the Saint Louis Mack" special request only.

Lastly, please remember all the brothers who are not here & may peace be with you all.

Anpu Ankhamen

© Copyright 1999
Anpu Ankhamen from Saint Louis, Missouri

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