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Cleopatra Jones
USA 1973
Warner Brothers, directed by Jack Starrett

Cleopatra Jones Tamara Dobson
Doodlebug Antonio Fargas
Tiffany Brenda Sykes
Mommy's Assistant John Alderman
Reuben Masters Bernie Casey
Mommy Shelley Winters
Officer Purdy Bill McKinney
Detective Lou Crawford Dan Frazer
Sergeant Kert Stafford Morgan
Andy Mike Warren
Matthew Johnson Albert Popwell
Melvin Johnson Caro Kenyatta
Mrs. Johnson Esther Rolle
Mommy's Hoods Paul Koslo
Mommy's Hoods Joseph A. Tornatore
Chauffeur Hedley Mattingly
Doodlebug's Hoods George Reynolds
Doodlebug's Hoods Theodore Wilson
Snake Christopher Joy
Maxwell Woodman Keith Hamilton
Annie Angela Gibbs
Lieutenant Thompkins John Garwood

Producer William Tennant
Co-Producer Max Julian
Director Jack Starrett
Story Max Julian
Screenplay Max Julian
Screenplay Sheldon Keller
Art Director Peter Wooley
Set Decorator Cheryl Kearney
Music J.J. Johnson
Music Director J.J. Johnson
Additional Music Carl Brandt
Additional Music Brad Shapiro
Additional Music Joe Simon
Title Theme Joe Simon
Assistant Director Max Julian
Stunt Co-Ordinator Ernest Robinson
Hapkido Karate Master Bong Soo Han
Sound Bud Alper
Camera David Walsh
Editor Allan Jacobs

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