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Black Godfather, The
USA 1974
Cinemation, directed by John Evans

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Jimmy Witherspoon;  Ricardo Brown;  Damu King;  Rod Perry;  Don Chastain;  Diane Sommerfield;  Duncan McLeod;  Tony Burton;  Anny Green;  John Alderman;  Betsy Finley;  Ken Bell;  Cinque Attucks;  Tom Scott;  Kathryn Jackson;  Charles Lamkin;  Herb Jefferson, Jr.;  Ernie Banks;  Randy Williams; 

Short Summary:
J.J. (Perry), a brother who turns to crime with the assistance of ghetto boss Big Nate Williamson (Witherspoon), wants to rid his part of town of the Mafia. In his quest to get rid of the dope pushers his men disguise themselves as members of a black Guardian Angel organisation led by Diablo (Damu King). Via his spy network of black domestic workers, J.J. hears that a shipment of heroin is coming into town on a plane with a judge who's in the Mafia's pocket. J.J. and his men blow up the plane and kill the drugs; Tony, not realising this, kills Big Nate and kidnaps his daughter Yvonne in an attempt to get the drugs back. Tony underestimates Yvonne who ends the film by killing him with a meat cleaver.

Movie summary written by Whytie

Screenshots from the movie. Click on any image to see a bigger colour version.

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