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Hit Man
USA 1972
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, directed by George Armitage & Unknown Director

Movie availability:  Not currently available on VHS or DVD

Bernie Casey;  Pam Grier;  Lisa Moore;  Bhetty Waldron;  Sam Laws;  Candy All;  Don Diamond;  Edmund Cambridge;  Bob Harris;  Rudy Challenger;  Tracy Ann King;  Christopher Joy;  Roger E. Mosley; 

Short Summary:
Petty crook Tyrone Tackett attends his brother's funeral in LA to discover that the death was suspicious. Rather than returning to his native Oakland he starts to make his own investigations into the murder. Tackett discovers that his niece had been making adult movies and begins to follow the trail through LA's porn underworld from motel to campus to Watts Towers and back. He encounters starlet Gozelda (Pam Grier), porn star Julius and others before arriving at crime lord Zito and henchman Shag. Always alert and ready for action, he's apparently as merciless and uncaring as those he meets. Only his lover Laural sees the real Tackett... critically well-received at the time, Hit Man is essentially a black action remake of Michael Caine classic Get Carter set in Los Angeles.

Movie summary written by The Man

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Bernie Casey is Tyrone Tackett Tyrone's niece Relaxing by the pool... Hit Man Meet porn starlet Gozelda Make that call! Gozelda and Tyrone gettin' it on Great hat! Is it a hit? Now he's REAL mad... Don't mess with the Hit Man! Tyrone Tackett...