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Black Gunn
USA 1972
Columbia, directed by Robert Hartford-Davis & Unknown Director

Movie availability:  Not currently available on VHS or DVD

Jim Brown;  Martin Landau;  Brenda Sykes;  Luciana Paluzzi;  Vida Blue;  Stephen McNally;  Keefe Brasselle;  Timothy Brown;  William Campbell;  Bernie Casey;  Gary Conway;  Chuck Daniel;  Tommy Davis;  Rick Ferrell;  Bruce Glover;  Toni Holt;  Herbert Jefferson, Jr.;  Jay Montgomery;  Mark Tapscott;  Gene Washington;  Jim Watkins;  Jonas Wolfe;  Tony Young;  Sandra Giles;  Kate Woodville;  Gyl Roland;  Lavelle Roby;  Jeanne Bell;  Tony Giorgio;  Frank Bello;  Arell Blanton;  Manuel DePina;  Deacon Jones; 

Short Summary:
This film was backed by a British consortium; it was originally set in England. The finished movie is set in Los Angeles, where Gunn owns a nightclub. Gunn's brother Scott, a Vietnam veteran, is part of the Black Action Group (BAG) who rob a Mafia-run gambling shop in order to finance their operation. Mob leader Capelli sends his top man Ray Kriley to recover the essential stolen ledgers while the police try to nail BAG for the theft. Gunn refuses to help the Mob. His brother is killed the next day. Gunn, set on revenge, tracks down his suspects to a party hosted by a wealthy socialite. Her boyfriend Winman provides the vital information linking Capelli to Scott's death. Gunn enlists the help of BAG and police Lieutenant Hopper and corners Capell's crew at a waterfront warehouse, where, despite being injured, he kills Capelli.

Movie summary written by The Man

Screenshots from the movie. Click on any image to see a bigger colour version.

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BAG prepare the raid... while Capelli plays a round... car chase! Gunn relaxes... but not for long! Gunn loses his shirt... and enlists the help of BAG Jim Brown is Gunn! Gunn likes his cars... Make that call! Police lie in wait... Capelli takes his revenge on Gunn!