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NEW UPDATE FOR FEB 2003! Looking to buy a movie? Check our list of available titles below. We've updated the list again to include all of the current and forthcoming DVD releases. Notable DVD releases currently available include: Spook Who Sat By The Door (at last!), Claudine, The Black Six, Blackenstein, and many more! If the film you're looking for doesn't have a VHS or DVD link on the list, it's not currently available.

The list was last updated on 18 Dec 2005.

If you wish to buy a movie, just click on the DVD or VHS link.


    Cool World, The 1963
  VHS   Black Klansman, The 1966
DVD   VHS   For Love Of Ivy 1968
    If He Hollers, Let Him Go 1968
    Split, The 1968
  VHS   Story of a Three-Day Pass, The 1968
    Up Tight 1968
    Change Of Mind, A 1969
  VHS   Grasshopper, The 1969
  VHS   Lost Man, The 1969
DVD   VHS   Putney Swope 1969
    Slaves 1969
DVD     Brother John 1970
DVD   VHS   Cotton Comes To Harlem 1970
  VHS   Great White Hope, The 1970
  VHS   Right On! 1970
    Soul Soldier 1970
    tick? tick? tick? 1970
  VHS   Watermelon Man 1970
DVD   VHS   Big Doll House, The 1971
DVD   VHS   Black Jesus 1971
  VHS   Bus Is Coming, The 1971
    Honky 1971
DVD   VHS   Man And Boy 1971
DVD   VHS   Omega Man, The 1971
DVD   VHS   Shaft 1971
DVD   VHS   Sweet Sweetback's Badaaasss Song 1971
DVD   VHS   Across 110th Street 1972
DVD   VHS   Big Bird Cage, The 1972
    Black Girl 1972
    Black Gunn 1972
DVD   VHS   Black Mama, White Mama 1972
  VHS   Blacksnake! 1972
  VHS   Blacula 1972
    Brother On The Run 1972
DVD   VHS   Buck and the Preacher 1972
  VHS   Come Back Charleston Blue 1972
    Cool Breeze 1972
    Farewell, Uncle Tom 1972
  VHS   Final Comedown, The 1972
DVD     Fritz The Cat 1972
    Hammer 1972
    Hit Man 1972
  VHS   Lady Sings The Blues 1972
    Legend Of Nigger Charley, The 1972
    Melinda 1972
DVD   VHS   Shaft's Big Score 1972
DVD   VHS   Slaughter 1972
  VHS   Super Soul Brother 1972
  VHS   Superfly 1972
DVD     Thing With Two Heads, The 1972
    Top Of The Heap 1972
  VHS   Aaron Loves Angela 1973
DVD   VHS   Arena, The 1973
DVD   VHS   Black Caesar 1973
DVD   VHS   Blazing Saddles 1973
    Book Of Numbers 1973
DVD   VHS   Cleopatra Jones 1973
DVD   VHS   Coffy 1973
    Deliver Us From Evil (TV) 1973
DVD   VHS   Detroit 9000 1973
DVD   VHS   Dynamite Brothers, The 1973
DVD   VHS   Five On The Black Hand Side 1973
DVD   VHS   Ganja and Hess 1973
  VHS   Gordon's War 1973
DVD   VHS   Heavy Traffic 1973
DVD   VHS   Hell Up In Harlem 1973
    Hit! 1973
    I Escaped From Devil's Island 1973
DVD   VHS   Mack, The 1973
  VHS   Miss Melody Jones 1973
DVD   VHS   Nine Lives Of Fritz The Cat 1973
    Savage! 1973
  VHS   Scream, Blacula, Scream 1973
DVD   VHS   Shaft In Africa 1973
  VHS   Slams, The 1973
DVD   VHS   Slaughter's Big Rip-Off 1973
    Soul Of Nigger Charley, The 1973
  VHS   Spook Who Sat By The Door, The 1973
  VHS   Superfly T.N.T. 1973
    Sweet Jesus, Preacherman 1973
  VHS   That Man Bolt 1973
  VHS   Trick Baby 1973
    Abby 1974
DVD     Amazing Grace 1974
    Bamboo Gods and Iron Men 1974
DVD   VHS   Beast Must Die, The 1974
  VHS   Black Belt Jones 1974
  VHS   Black Connection, The 1974
  VHS   Black Eye 1974
DVD   VHS   Black Godfather, The 1974
  VHS   Black Samson 1974
DVD     Black Six, The 1974
DVD   VHS   Blackenstein 1974
    Boss Nigger 1974
DVD   VHS   Claudine 1974
  VHS   Diamonds 1974
DVD   VHS   Education of Sonny Carson, The 1974
DVD   VHS   Enter The Dragon 1974
    Fox Style 1974
DVD   VHS   Foxy Brown 1974
DVD   VHS   Get Christie Love (TV) 1974
    Hangup 1974
  VHS   House On Skull Mountain, The 1974
  VHS   Klansman, The 1974
DVD     Savage Sisters 1974
  VHS   Space Is The Place 1974
    Sugar Hill 1974
DVD   VHS   T.N.T. Jackson 1974
    Thomasine and Bushrod 1974
  VHS   Three The Hard Way 1974
    Three Tough Guys 1974
    Together Brothers 1974
DVD   VHS   Truck Turner 1974
  VHS   Uptown Saturday Night 1974
  VHS   Willie Dynamite 1974
    Zebra Killer 1974
  VHS   Adios Amigos 1975
DVD   VHS   Black Gestapo, The 1975
DVD     Black Lolita 1975
  VHS   Black Sister's Revenge 1975
DVD   VHS   Bucktown 1975
    Candy Tangerine Man, The 1975
  VHS   Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold 1975
DVD   VHS   Cooley High 1975
DVD   VHS   Cornbread, Earl and Me 1975
  VHS   Darktown Strutters 1975
DVD   VHS   Dolemite 1975
DVD   VHS   Friday Foster 1975
  VHS   Let's Do It Again 1975
  VHS   Mahogany 1975
  VHS   Mandingo 1975
DVD   VHS   Sheba Baby 1975
  VHS   Street Fight 1975
  VHS   Take A Hard Ride 1975
  VHS   Welcome Home, Brother Charles 1975
  VHS   Bad Bunch, The 1976
DVD   VHS   Black Heat 1976
  VHS   Black Shampoo 1976
  VHS   Brotherhood Of Death 1976
DVD   VHS   Car Wash 1976
  VHS   Death Journey 1976
  VHS   Disco 9000 1976
DVD   VHS   Dolemite 2: Human Tornado 1976
  VHS   Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde 1976
    Drum 1976
DVD   VHS   Ebony, Ivory and Jade 1976
  VHS   Hot Potato 1976
DVD   VHS   JD's Revenge 1976
    Leadbelly 1976
  VHS   Man Friday (TV: 1972) 1976
    Mean Johnny Barrows 1976
  VHS   Muthers, The 1976
    No Way Back 1976
    Pipe Dreams 1976
  VHS   Sparkle 1976
  VHS   Take Another Hard Ride 1976
  VHS   Velvet Smooth 1976
    Bare Knuckles 1977
  VHS   Black Fist 1977
DVD   VHS   Black Samurai 1977
    Brothers 1977
  VHS   Greased Lightning 1977
    Greatest, The 1977
  VHS   In Your Face! 1977
  VHS   Monkey Hustle 1977
DVD   VHS   Petey Wheatstraw 1977
  VHS   Piece Of The Action, A 1977
DVD   VHS   Which Way Is Up? 1977
  VHS   Black Eliminator 1978
  VHS   Blind Rage 1978
  VHS   Hero Ain't Nothin' But A Sandwich 1978
  VHS   Top Secret (TV) 1978
  VHS   Wiz, The 1978
DVD   VHS   Avenging Disco Godfather 1979
    Black Jack 1979
    Hitter, The 1979
DVD   VHS   Penitentiary 1979
    Big Score, The 1980
  VHS   Last Fight, The 1980
DVD   VHS   One Down, Two To Go 1980
  VHS   Soul Patrol 1980
DVD   VHS   Penitentiary 2 1982
  VHS   Foxtrap 1985
  VHS   Penitentiary 3 1987
DVD   VHS   I'm Gonna Git You Sucka 1988
  VHS   Return Of Superfly 1990
DVD   VHS   New Jack City 1991
DVD   VHS   Legend Of Dolemite 1994
  VHS   Great White Hype, The 1996
DVD   VHS   Original Gangstas 1996


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